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ensuring the proper functioning of a property consists of good technical and administrative management.

A. Technical stewardship​


Regular site visits;

Appointments with trades;

Control of the work carried out by the various trades;

Maintenance of common areas;

24-hour service for any emergency intervention.

Detached House or Apartment

Regular site visits;

Meetings with the various trades;

Planning the layout of the garden;

Receiving mail;

A 24-hour service for any emergency intervention.

B. Administrative management of a residence

The administrative management of a residence consists in verifying the proper legal and financial functioning representing the co-owners.

Organization and attendance at general and extraordinary assemblies, and at meetings with the union council;

Collection of monthly advances for current expenses, payment of current bills;

The distribution of expenses between the co-owners, the establishment of annual statements;

The estimated budget;

The subscription of the necessary insurance policies;

Collection and management of reserve and cash funds;

preservation of archives;

Calls for tenders, comparative study of quotes, orders for routine and ordinary work;

Maintenance contracts, heating, elevator, goods lift and everything adjoining the common areas;

Collection of outstanding payments and disputes.

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